Brand Identity, Web Design


Sketchbook, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, HTML/CSS, Javascript, SEO, WordPress


I was hired in 2019 to complete a rebrand for Carrie Levins Entertainment, a local DJ & Karaoke provider in the city of Edmonton. In addition to the rebrand, they were looking to launch their first website to reach a wider client base, as they were only getting clients via word of mouth.

My client only had 4 requests for the completion of this project, they wanted a dark theme motif, a speaker icon to emphasize the music part of their business, that I use a simple, easy to read design that can be used in both their digital and print marketing and most importantly to the client that it must incorporate some shade of purple (it being her favorite colour) as ultimately the brand was to best represent Carrie herself.

As you can see I created a Brand Identity with a unified theme built upon an “Electric” purple, white and black colour palette to create a dark design aesthetic. I wanted to emphasise the feeling of being at one of their events so I chose outward facing speakers, surrounding her name similar to how a DJ stands between speakers when dishing out the tunes.

I used the “Electric Purple” as their feature colour to not only reflect the feeling of the vibrant lightshow these events usually have as purple is whimsical, yet sophisticated and is often associated with luxury and extravagance. I used a simple yet complimentary sans-serif font for the copy as its easy to read and fit comfortably with the other elements of the design.



Website Design


HTML/CSS, Javascript, SEO, WordPress


Using clients existing brand guidelines to build their first mobile friendly website that is informative, easy to use and professional looking, to help improve their online presence and new client acquisitions.


Huizinga Di Toppa Coles & Layton is a law office based out of Edmonton, Alberta that provides services for Family Law, Real Estate, Wills and Estates, Personal Injury and Corporate Commercial matters.

A well established law office, I was tasked with setting up their first website to establish an online presence and to make it easier for existing and potential new clients to get information on the law firm and the services they offer. As such this website was designed to be informative, professional with a focus on providing a high quality, mobile friendly user experience.

Using the clients existing branding and colour guidelines, I wanted to create a clean, modern and professional website aesthetic. I built a custom branded theme that speaks to potential clients about the firms, professionalism, integrity and experience, while providing an easy to use user experience

Custom WordPress theme I made for