Logo and Branding Redesign


Sketchbook, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat.


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Golden Goat Textiles is a privately owned, textiles business that creates products comprising of Cashmere, Yak and Sheep clothing. They were looking to update their brand identity and logo as they are looking to expand their client base and increase their brand recognition. They wanted a fresh new look to their branding, that can be used on all print/digital marketing and social media platforms is needed. In addition they will be looking to launch an online web store to market their products so they wanted something that was

To achieve these goals, this project required the following:

  • A custom designed brand identity which includes a updated version of their custom vector logo, designed for use in online marketing through their website and social media.
  • Assets for print marketing such as business cards, company letterheads, social media banners/images.
  • A brand identity guide to provide instructions on how to properly use their brand identity to maintain brand consistency.

The client only requested a few things be included such as the logo being in a gold gradient similar to their previous version, to add the word Textiles to the wordmark, and an update to their font as they didn’t like the one they were using. Taking this in mind I re illustrated their logo to the new version you see here.

In the process of updating the design, I changed a few things. Most notably I decided to flip the way the Goats head pointed so it was facing right instead of left as it felt more natural to have it facing that way. This had the added effect of making it easier to wrap the text around the design while maintaining legibility.  The updated font we chose was Merienda Bold as the font weight matched well with the weight of the goat outline while maintaining that curve aesthetic of the design. As you can see these elements combined help to create a uniformed, overall design aesthetic that can be used for cross platform marketing.

Golden Goat Brand Assets



Branding | Logo Design


Sketching, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Word

Certified Training and Consulting is a privately owned, safety consultant organization that was unhappy with their existing brand identity and logo. They were looking to refresh their brand identity they use on all their print/digital marketing and social media platforms and update it to something that was easier to read, modern styled and professional looking. Their only requirement was they wanted a clear and easy to read font, and to incorporate their existing blue & grey colour palette.

As part of their branding I wanted to create something that symbolizes the 4 key values of their organization:

Health & Safety

To achieve the end goal of this project, I created a branding package built around those 4 values, that can be used across all marketing platforms (print, web, social media etc). Using their brand style guide and chosen colour palette, I created an easy to read, sans-serif Wordmark logo. Along with the Wordmark logo, I created a secondary simple 4 block graphic element that can be paired with it or used alone for social media. Each block is meant to represent each one of the values using each colour of their chosen palette.

Using the combined logo and brand style guide as reference, I then created a customizable letterhead, as well as a business card and some social media banners and graphics. As you can see this gives their overall brand a cohesive, easy to use and simple design aesthetic.