Star Wars™ Fan Art Illustrations


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, my wife celebrated her 45th Birthday. Both of us being nerds, Star Wars™ has been a huge influence on us, especially those lovable droids BB-8 and R2D2. It being her birthday, I wanted to make her something special, so what better way than some fun illustrations of our two favorite droids.

The idea I had in mind was to created a paired 4′ x 6′ illustration that could be hung up in our bedroom. I wanted to focus on a minimalist design approach for the background scene of each piece, while highlighting the simple yet important details of our heroic characters. As each scene is based on a different desert planet within the Star Wars™ universe, I wanted to use a similar colour palette to bring uniformity to the design. Using 2 different shades of orange, a dark brown and 2 different shades of tan along with some overlay effects, I created a layered design that gives the illusion of sand dunes, while also emphasizing the feeling that the objects behind our heroes were in the distance. Overall I think I created two unique design that can stand on their own but when put together create a uniformed and complimentary design.

This was one of the most fun personal projects I have worked on and I am really happy with how the illustrations came out. But most importantly my wife loved them and she can’t wait to hang them up in the bedroom.

Important Note: This fan art was created solely for non-commercial purposes and is not affiliated with The Walt Disney Corporation. Star Wars™  and all related characters are property of The Walt Disney Corporation. This project was created as a labour of love for my wife and in celebration for the film series that helped bring us together.