Brand Identity, Logo Design


Sketching, Adobe Illustrator


Hot Mess Food Truck is a privately owned mobile food business, that is in need of a fresh new look to their existing brand identity.

They wanted to update their logo to be more on point with their companies image. which can be used on all print/digital marketing, menus and social media platforms. The client wanted to convey an image to their customers of a retro, 50’s diner type motif that celebrates their all female staff by creating a mascot in a family friendly pin up style, while maintaining their existing colour palette of red, black, grey and white.

To achieve this goal, this project required me to create a custom designed vector logo, that can be used cross platform for their marketing needs (print, social media etc). Using Adobe Illustrator I custom designed the pin up girl first by sketching out various faces and bodies for client approval, then eventually directly in illustrator with the intent of this being used as the decal on their truck as well as the main banner logo for their website.

In addition to the mascot logo, I also created a secondary typographic logo that can be paired with the mascot or used on its own for use with different printing needs (letterheads, napkins, discount cards) that the mascot logo may not be useful for.



Logo Design, Sportswear


Sketchbook, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, 3rd party print service



In fall 2019, due to the success of a previous team jersey design I did, I was hired to design a sports team logo for the Lloydminster “The Randoms” Slo-pitch team, who competes in various tournaments across Alberta. My clients only request was that I put emphasis on the word “Random” as their roster is an ever revolving list of players at each tournament they play.

Knowing that there is no better “spokesperson” for your team than a clever, powerful logo as it’s a great way to get noticed and reach out to supporters, sponsors, and other members of your community, I set about creating a design that not only is eye catching but provides some subtle clues to the randomness of the team.

The hardest part of this project was thinking of ways to emphasize “randomness” while keeping a cohesive design aesthetic. To emphasize the rotating roster, I added a base background featuring a Baseball styled “Random Coloured Prize Wheel”, which serves to emphasize the ever changing roster the team has. In addition to that I used two different, yet complimentary script fonts to add further emphasis of the randomness of the team. To add a final touch each jersey has been designed for each player to have different coloured shoulders, to match the ones listed on the prize wheel to add final emphasis on the teams randomness.

As you can see, the finished result is a well designed logo, that achieves the clients request,  is easily recognizable, can placed on a variety of platforms, from clothes (T-shirts, ballcaps, etc) to online sources (Facebook, Instagram etc) and strongly represents the identity of the team..

Please Note: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this team cancelled their season before their new jerseys were printed, so unfortunately there are no photos of it being worn, but I will update this as soon as there are.