About Me

About Me

Welcome to my website, as I am sure you gathered, I’m Mike and I am a versatile and talented designer based in Edmonton, Alberta. By day I am a mild mannered Graphic Designer and Front-End Web Developer, but by night I’m an aging punk rocker, cat aficionado, artist, pizza lover, gamer and nerdy internet addict.

In 2017, I earned my diploma in Graphic and Web Design at NAIT, and since then I have worked hard expand and develop my portfolio to showcase my design talents. In 2018 was inspired to start freelancing in order to avoid feeling repetitive in my work, and to challenge myself to think outside the box. I enjoy the challenge of exploring different design mediums that comes with working on a variety of different projects. I find I learn something new with every project, every client and every challenge that I am faced with during the development process. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction getting through those challenges and seeing a clients project grow from concept to reality.

I absolutely love what I do and I am always on the lookout for new and exciting design projects to work on. From print to digital platforms, I help my clients take their vision and create next level designs that tells their story with personality.

I look forward to chatting with you about your next big project and how I can help bring your vision to life.

Now I know what you’re thinking…. “This guy sounds pretty rad” and you’re just dying to know more about me as a person. Well Don’t Panic! Grab your towel and get ready for the quick recap of everything Mike:

  • I am married to a wonderful woman named Jodi.
  • I am tattooed and love seeing other peoples ink.
  • Bill Watterson (creator of Calvin & Hobbes) is my personal hero.
  • Cat Dad to 3 furballs named Grizzly, Grim & Sirius.
  • I’m a diehard Edmonton Oilers fan.
  • Saul Bass is my favorite graphic designer. A legend of the craft.
  • I enjoy traveling and have visited Fiji, Iceland and Italy (so far…).
  • Punk, Ska and Metal music are totally my jam!
  • I’ve seen my favorite band Strung Out 17 times and counting.
  • My hobbies include reading, drawing, and playing video games.
  • I quote Star Wars, Rick and Morty and The Simpsons waaaay to much.
My lovely wife Jodi and I
My lovely wife Jodi and I.