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I was hired in 2019 to complete a rebrand for Carrie Levins Entertainment, a local DJ & Karaoke provider in the city of Edmonton. In addition to the rebrand, they were looking to launch their first website to reach a wider client base, as they were only getting clients via word of mouth.

My client only had 4 requests for the completion of this project, they wanted a dark theme motif, a speaker icon to emphasize the music part of their business, that I use a simple, easy to read design that can be used in both their digital and print marketing and most importantly to the client that it must incorporate some shade of purple (it being her favorite colour) as ultimately the brand was to best represent Carrie herself.

As you can see I created a Brand Identity with a unified theme built upon an “Electric” purple, white and black colour palette to create a dark design aesthetic. I wanted to emphasise the feeling of being at one of their events so I chose outward facing speakers, surrounding her name similar to how a DJ stands between speakers when dishing out the tunes.

I used the “Electric Purple” as their feature colour to not only reflect the feeling of the vibrant lightshow these events usually have as purple is whimsical, yet sophisticated and is often associated with luxury and extravagance. I used a simple yet complimentary sans-serif font for the copy as its easy to read and fit comfortably with the other elements of the design.



Print Design, Sportswear


Sketchbook, Illustrator, Photoshop


View the YEG Crazy Pineapple Slo-Pitch Facebook Page

The Edmonton Sports and Social Club or ESSC was established in 2004 and has been providing adults with the best co-ed, multi sport experience ever since. In 2019 I was given the opportunity to design a sports team logo for the Crazy Pineapple Slo-pitch team that competes in the ESSC Slo-pitch league.

The chance to brand a sports team was an exciting prospect for me as there is more to a sports logo than meets the eye. A sports team logo is not just a nice image that accompanies the name of your team. It needs to symbolize more than just the name, it needs to give a sense of belonging, boost stamina and morale, and encourages support among team members and their fans.

To achieve the goals for this project I needed to complete the following requirements as requested by the client

1. Keep it Simple: Ones people can recognize as soon as they see it.

2. Scalable: A great logo should be simple enough to be able to be scaled down or up and still look good on all our merch.

3. Memorable / Impactful: A great logo should be impactful and capture the spirit of the Crazy Pineapple Team.

4. Builds Team Identity: The logo should build a sense of belonging while creating loyalty and support.

Using Adobe Illustrator I went to task creating a logo that focused on those 5 key requests. As you can see, the finished result is a well designed logo, that is easily recognizable, can placed on a variety of platforms, from clothes (T-shirts, ballcaps, etc) to online sources (Facebook, Instagram etc) and strongly represents the identity of the team.

There is no better “spokesperson” for your team than a clever, powerful logo. It’s a great way to get noticed and reach out to supporters, sponsors, and other members of your community.