Custom Sticker Design


Sketch Book, Adobe Illustrator



In 2020, Dr. Mehta a dentist in the Edmonton area, hired me to create a series of branded, child friendly, reward stickers to give to her patients. Something she could give to kids who were brave and had good news during their routine dental checkups as dental-themed stickers make a visit to the dentist something to smile about.

Since a sticker reward from the dentist’s office should create positive memories for young patients and remind them that the dentist’s office is something to look forward to not to fear.  I set out to create a series of 3 stickers that each represents a positive dentist experience.

Each sticker is 1.5” x 1.5”, circular with a glossy finish and represents something different. One is for kids who floss regularly, one is for kids who have no cavities found during their checkup and one for kids who were brave during their visit to the dentist.



Star Wars™ Fan Art Illustrations


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, my wife celebrated her 45th Birthday. Both of us being nerds, Star Wars™ has been a huge influence on us, especially those lovable droids BB-8 and R2D2. It being her birthday, I wanted to make her something special, so what better way than some fun illustrations of our two favorite droids.

The idea I had in mind was to created a paired 4′ x 6′ illustration that could be hung up in our bedroom. I wanted to focus on a minimalist design approach for the background scene of each piece, while highlighting the simple yet important details of our heroic characters. As each scene is based on a different desert planet within the Star Wars™ universe, I wanted to use a similar colour palette to bring uniformity to the design. Using 2 different shades of orange, a dark brown and 2 different shades of tan along with some overlay effects, I created a layered design that gives the illusion of sand dunes, while also emphasizing the feeling that the objects behind our heroes were in the distance. Overall I think I created two unique design that can stand on their own but when put together create a uniformed and complimentary design.

This was one of the most fun personal projects I have worked on and I am really happy with how the illustrations came out. But most importantly my wife loved them and she can’t wait to hang them up in the bedroom.

Important Note: This fan art was created solely for non-commercial purposes and is not affiliated with The Walt Disney Corporation. Star Wars™  and all related characters are property of The Walt Disney Corporation. This project was created as a labour of love for my wife and in celebration for the film series that helped bring us together.